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 Sushi's Rant...

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Posts : 332
Join date : 2009-09-10
Age : 28
Location : Las Vegas

PostSubject: Sushi's Rant...   Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:34 am

so like .. umm... havent u been through those times when.. its like.. everything u do fails?? kinda? and u just feel like a big noob... =/ ..
well im going through one of those sessions at the moment.. well it started off with me not being able to find a good gift for someone that i raffled a name from a secret santa thingy that one of my aunts made.. anyways this girl wasnt even in our family that i raffled for.. she was like a family friends daughter.. anyways.. just got her a gift card to Applebees ( a restaurant for those who dont know wat it is AKA dont like in USA).. i mean.. it was a pretty lame gift.. i didnt know wat to give the girl.. anyways... this is relevent so if ur actually reading just keep going lol.. so i woke up this morning and found out that chanter finally have more skills working! ^^ however.. they fixed the bugged mobs that i was lvling earlier.. so that made me lose interest right away... so i began to PK.. i got pawned twice by a ranger ! the same guy !! .. anyways.. so i gave that up..then i began to farm for stigma shards.. well that was a fail too.. got gankd countless times by asmos.. each time i got ganked it was a whole set of new asmos.. . so that was a bummer.. very irritating.. well i just gave up there too.. then i had to go to this early christmas thingy for ppl who work on christamas... when it was time for me to give my gift to this girl.. like exchange... she gave me some awesome clothes that im going to where for christmas.. all i had was the gift card.. i felt so emmbarrased just handing her the damn card.. =/ ... just when i thought i was done with the noobful failing.. i got sick from the food i ate that was there.. and i wanted to vomit.. so i tried to rush to the bathroom... as i was getting up from the dinner table ( traditional christmas dinner with everyone ) i couldnt really get out.. everthing was too close together to fit everyone.. then i finally stepped out.. exept, i triped over a lamp cord.. droping the lamp and everything else on that counter top. falling really made me gag so i vomited there on the floor... well.. there was no need to go to the bathroom now.. =/ .. anyways i cleaned it up with a mop and wat not... it made everyone appetite like disappear.. so that was pretty fail.. ( no one finished the food ). then i finally get home.. " home sweet home" .. so i decided to play some DOTA thinking it would be fun... .. .. .. yeah... now id just be repeating myself... i played soo noob.. and i feel bad for darkrosez cuz that guy has to put up with me XDDDD .. thnx for at least not leaving ... anyways.. its late.. im bored.. cant sleep cuz heater is fuking annoying and chokes me at night cuz it makes the air so damn dry.. i have to bring 3 liters of water next to me just to survive the night.. this just isnt my day... if u actually read all of this.. im sry XDD none of this is important lol. i dont expect any replys. ill just make this like my lil venting area in this forum XD. i guess if u would like .. feel free to vent here as well XD or even brag about ur aamzingly awesome day .

- Sushi Thursday, 12-24-09 12:34 AM
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PostSubject: Re: Sushi's Rant...   Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:25 pm


*hugs and kisses sush sush* <3
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Posts : 117
Join date : 2009-08-05
Age : 28
Location : Arizona

PostSubject: Re: Sushi's Rant...   Fri Dec 25, 2009 11:31 am

Oh damn bro.. you got owned today, but yeah every stormy clouds lies a silver lining.

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Level 7
Level 7

Posts : 298
Join date : 2009-10-24
Age : 61
Location : Washington, USA

PostSubject: Re: Sushi's Rant...   Fri Dec 25, 2009 10:44 pm

awww poor sushi Sad
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Posts : 332
Join date : 2009-09-10
Age : 28
Location : Las Vegas

PostSubject: Re: Sushi's Rant...   Sat Dec 26, 2009 11:23 am

Rant # 2

Today started out pretty normal.. the usual .. wake up in bed.. just stare at the ceiling for about an hour or 2 .. just thinking.. thinking about whatever is on my mind.. whether im daydreaming about something .. or just thinking.. anyways.. i finally decide to get up and play some Aion... didnt have breakfast till 1 pm.. just alil later than usual.. about 1 hour later to be exact.. breakfast could have been better, but who am i to complain.. after all i didnt make it ^^ . did the dishes n stuff after i was done eating and then went back on to Aion... i tried to farm for some Exp and Elder gear in abyss.. which i did for awhile .. but nothing.. =( .. still no elder gear... its pretty depressing actually .. =/ i really felt discouraged to still play.. so then i tried to farm something alil more .. realistic.. but still no luck there.. no to mention im 7/7 on getting " Nothing " from any bosses !! XDD yay!! . . . >.> anyways .. enough negativity .. so me and my father were invite to have dinner over at one of my aunt and uncles house! it was great.. i always love the food they make.. its always something new and tasty!! .. after my uncle is a chef ! ^^ !!! so the food was great! there was also alil bon fire out side the front yard which is decent in size. we stayed there and talked around the fire about whatever popped in to mind or just linked off another conversation. Listening to my older cousins talk in their converstions was like listening to full grown adults ( meaning like they experianced alot .. kids .. having a family of their own.. ). it made me think about my life alil bit.. it made me think because they were only a few years older than i was .. no more than 7 years ( counting the oldest one of them ). mainly .. it made me think about how i would start my family.. like relationship wise.. for some people.. i should have already found a girl in my life that i would try to make my wife some day.. however.. i dont have any girls in mind.. =/ ... idk.. it has been over 2 years since my last relation ship.. but ive become very picky about who i chose to be with. its not bad to be picky.. it just will take me sometime to find someone.. however, time may not always be on my side... anyways.. lol around the fire, i had my share of tequila shots and wat not .. but was sober enough to drive me and my father home .. my father wasnt drunk or anything.. just that my uncles usually just hand him shots to try .. eventually they add up XDD.. so i drove home .. and now im here ^^ today was ok.. not exactly like every other day.. but its nice to have at least some change in routine.

- Sushi Saturday 12-25-09 12:24 AM
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PostSubject: Re: Sushi's Rant...   

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Sushi's Rant...
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