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 Cleric Group Guide :P

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PostSubject: Cleric Group Guide :P   Sat Dec 26, 2009 9:45 pm

1. Is Cleric the right Class for me?
2. So you chose a cleric, what to expect?
3. Stave or Shield while in group?
4. Stigmas that come in handy while in group
5. Cure and CC
6. How to preserve Mana while grouping
7. Dealing With emnity
8. Offtanking
9. Healing and dps'ing
10. Known healing bugs
11. Healing Range
12. Movement
13. Damage prediction
14. What heals do I use now?
15. Who do I heal first, nyerking AOE
16. Grouping with Randoms

1. Is Cleric the right Class for me?

Choosing a class at level 10 is something you have to think about for a little while. You cannot change back once you have made your decision. So why would anyone choose a cleric, is it the right class for you? I'm not going to be the one to tell you, that it is or not, but at least I can try to help with some facts.

  • Clerics are one of the highest survivability classes in the game, in PVP and PVE. Not only can we heal but we can defend ourselves pretty well with our shield and wearing chain. When fighting multiple enemies root is your friend and kiting seems to help out to even let us solo elites.

  • Cleric DPS is rather low unless you decide to stack up on Magic Boost. But because I group up a lot, kill higher level elites and solo instances, I don't really advice it. I love stacking HP, but everyone is entitled to their own play style. Also something that I fiind really important to mention is that Magic Boost doesnt make your heals stronger, nothing does. We won't be killing mobs as fast as other classes but we can take a few at the same time without much worry as long as you heal yourself and learn how to kite them around whenever it's needed.

  • When in groups you're main job is healing. For some people that doesn't strike as much fun but it can be. Of course you can dot a mob while healing or summon your holy servant but your allertness should always be focussed on the healing bars. (more on that later)

  • So if you like these things then Cleric is the right class for you. If you're still in doubt, then why don't you take a look at the chanter hybrid class or try playing a cleric a couple of levels and group up.

    The basics of a cleric can come down to a very small list:

    • How long your spells take to cast

    • .How much health your allies have

    • .How much you are able to heal for


    • How many heals you can throw out before resting

    • .Who takes the most damage in your group(s)

    If you can master these things then congrats you know the basics of a cleric. Of course being more then a mdeiocre cleric will require more then that, but I hope this can get you started.

    2. So you chose a cleric, what to expect?

    As a cleric, be sure that you will group up a lot, and that everyone will rely on you. Other then dps classes you will find it easy to get groups and you will have a huge responsability of keeping your party alive. Levelling solo goes pretty decent, maybe even easier then dps classes. You can heal yourself and use mana pots to keep going and there is always penance for those times when you do run out of mana. Maybe dps is low, yes but with the mana advantages we have we will have less downtime then most dps classes.

    3. Stave or Shield while in group?

    I know a lot of people who like to use a stave while levelling. I've always held back from it because of the following logical reason:
    - Shield is NOT taken for the Block Value and its Mitigation.

    So why do most of use prefer shield then? The two main reasons are Mana sockets and extra stats. Even though the extra Block value is like the icing on a cake the above two reasons are really more worthwile then anything. I wouldn't ditch staves though as they have some nice stats that can help out while soloing. When you come across a good one feel free to test it out.

    4. Stigmas that come in handy while in group

    • Flash Of recovery: Heals a target within 23m of you by 1194. This is a MUST HAVE when grouping as it can save the skin of your tanks or others when they accidentally get aggro. Don't rely on it too much though as it has a 30 seconds cooldown. If you use it badly things do might go wrong, use it at those 'Odeargodweregonnadie' moments.

    • Blinding light: Blinds the target for 20 sec. Basically that means that for 20 secs that enemy won't be able to hit you much. A lot of people see this a s a PVP skill but it acually isn't. I've had great use for it while grouping because it help migitate damage whenever your tank is fighting a lot of enemies or when you have to offtank one (more on that later). Blinding light can save you from a wipe and thus saves everyone some kinah.

    • Sages Wisdom Reduces the casting time of all your magic skills by 50% for 10 seconds. I find this to be a real life saver whenever the tank gets into trouble. It does have a 1 second cast though so be sure ou have the time to cast it.

    I'll add more stigmas later on but these are the most important ones when IMO for PVE . Since I'm just lvl 41 I can't test the higher level ones but I will of course update this topic as much as I can.

    5. Cure and CC

    I wanted to make a different section on this because I think this need to be explained a bit.

    Cure Mind:
    Curse of Roots / Tree



    Aether Hold

    The only problem I see is that for both mental and physical conditions the health bar of our target will get green. That's why it's more important to look at the colour of the buf then actually looking at the health bar itself. The colour of the buff will tell you wich Cure to use if it's possible. Removing those conditions does cost less Mana than to heal away their effects, so must debuffs or dots you might want to make a habit of removing them as fast as you can.

    Red = Physical
    Blue = Mental
    Green = cannot be dispelled

    There will be occassions where we will get silenced or feared and where things will get crucial because you can't heal. Here is a list of things that can be removed with a potion of healing. Something I recommend having with you at all times.

    - Sleep. Also breaks when taking damage.
    - Fear. There have been several discussion wheter or not this can be removed with a potion, but I have tested it many times and I'm pretty sure it can.
    - Paralysis

    All other abnormal conditions can be dispelled, with the only exeption of Stun. Whenever you get stunned you can only hope that it doesn't last for too long.

    6. How to preserve Mana while grouping

    As I've told before we have a lot of neat stuff at our disposal to preserve mana. But some thing need to be clarified. Mana Treatment and Mana Potions do NOT stack. I always try to use Mana treatment as much as I can but when I get hit by a mob and rooting seems impossible a potion always comes in handy. Then there is also Penance that is our magic trick to get a lot of our mana back but to the cost to our HP. That's why I only use it with our hot and while resting. Mana goes up really fast and you are good to go with only a bit of your health being lost. Here's a macro I made to make things a bit easier:

    /Skill Light of Rejuvenation "Rank"
    /Delay 1
    /Skill Penance "Rank"
    /Delay 1
    /Skill Toggle Rest

    While in group, you need to preserve your mana, for bad things to come or just so you have less downime. There are many players who don't mind with getting to low health, as long as they trust you as a healer. This allows you to rest more in between each heal, thereby giving much less downtime than you would experience otherwise. If you can heal for 50% of someone's health, for example, do not use it until they are down to half health. Using a heal earlier will just waste your mana, causing more downtime than you would normally face.

    There are many players who don't mind with getting to low health, as long as they trust you as a healer. This allows you to rest more in between each heal, thereby giving much less downtime than you would experience otherwise. If you can heal for 50% of someone's health, for example, do not use it until they are down to half health. Using a heal earlier will just waste your mana, causing more downtime than you would normally face.

    7. Dealing With emnity

    If you have a good tank chances are you will never have to offtank when things are going good, but there are always occasions that a mob might take your liking. A good tank marks every mob and what I try to do is to keep focus on the mobs that aren't dps'ed on because most likely those are the ones that would like to put their swords in you. The first thing you have to do as fast as you can is use Tranquility whenever you see a mob stray away from the tank. You have to be careful with it, because if the tank picks it up again before you have cast your spell you could lower the tanks emnity. That's why you always have to be fast with this spell. It'll probably take some training but try and use it all the time when you see mobs straying away.

    But what if you used Tranquility and the mob still likes you so much he wants to hug you with his spiky armour? Before even considering offtanking (more on that later) try and root the mob or hope that one of the dps'ers will use their CC skill until the tank can pick it up.

    8. Offtanking

    I don't recommend off tanking but it has to be done in certain situation. Allthough we have the armour value and we can survive while healing it just not safe to offtank because of several reasons.

    1. All of your healing spells can be interrupted and you will be in charge of offtanking and healing at the same time. So the risk is that you're heals will be interrupted. Concentration helps you as it decreases the chance that your spells will get interrupted, but you can't stack it, because there are no concentration manastones. So even if you would have high concentration, be sure that you will get silenced, stunned, and whatever, and that way you won't be able to do your job as a healer all too well anymore. If you really need to offtank be sure to always have cure potions with you and to have enough concentration so that you won't get interrupted all the time. Concentration however comes only from gear and there are no manastones for it.

    2. Another problem is that not only the tank will take damage, but you as well. Sometimes damage from mobs can be quite high and the question is if you can heal both of you and the occasional aoe on the rest of the dps'ers.

    3. Last problem, allthough we have high defenses, we have no passive or active defense skills. Templars have a buff that will highly increase their HP, as well as passive defensive skills. And even though we can stack HP with mana stones, I don't think we can ever reach these high levels amout of defensses.

    4. Another issue is that your emnity might be high but it can sometimes be too low for dps'ers. Let's just say your tank has died and there is no glad in the group to take over (I always prefer glads to take over the job as dthey do fine really). Becasue you are tanking the mob, dps'ers will have to cut their dps in half or more or they will over aggro.

    There are always moments that we don't have a choice and I realised after duoing some elite mobs that it can be fun. We have some nice tricks at our disposal that can help. That's why I listed some tips. (Big thanks to the people that gave feedback in this topic.)

    9. Healing and dps'ing

    Especially at lower levels healing can be seen as a bit boring and the will to dps along is high. I have to admit that the first 30 levels I dps'ed a lot during my heals and I was even called a *gasp* Mellee cleric for it. I do believe that we can always assist a bit on dps'ing as long as it doesn't cause danger for the group. That's why I made a little ruleset for myself for when to dps and when not.
    This one is the most obvious, but i never DPS when the group is in clear trouble or if the tank is tanking multiple mobs. (3+)
    I never DPS when my mana drops below 50% as it can always cause troubles when patrols add. even so keeping your mana up helps in killing mobs a lot faster because there won't be so much downtime in between fights.
    When I do dps I use fast spells such as dots or our holy servant so that whenever there is damage to be healed I don't have to interrupt anything.

    10. Known healing bugs

    There are a couple of known healing bugs that I think are worthwile mentioning as it has happened to me a few times and can be extremekly annoying.

    When heals don't land

    Most of these bugs are cause by lag and are annoying as hell. You think you healed you're templar in time but he died anyway and your heal...where did it go to? Most of the time it dissapears or you have cast it on yourself. I can only advice that you try and keep the health of your templar up as much as you can but I know that sometimes there is so much damage that this bug can apply.

    Group heals and elevation

    It's important to note that this bug will interfere with group heals if someone is even just a bit higher or lower then you as in on a hill. Hills really screw up your aoe heal and it's so frustrating when they don't land. One time the aoe heal only landed on me while the rest of my group was still taking tons of damage. I was able to save the group but it was a stressy moment believe me. This may be some kind of LoS issue but be sure to adept to it.

    resurection Loci and aggro

    It happened to me once and I've seen it been reported a few times. If you ressurect your fallen group and the mobs haven't reset aggro again, chances are the person with the biggest emnity towards them (prob the templar) will immediatly get into a fight with them. Now I also have to say that it happened once while I was sure the mobs had reset. I'm not sure why it happened but i'm sure it's a bug.

    11. Healing Range

    Unlike any Other MMO I've played the range of heals in this game is rather short and we have to be at a moderate distance when healing. It does of course depend on you play style but I don't mind being in mellee range when I'm sure the boss/enemy doesn't use any aoe spells. I've seen Cleric's do many different things depending on their playstyle. It all depends on the cleric I suppose.

    12. Movement

    I move around a lot when I'm soloing and I don't like standing still when I'm in group too. . Keeping an eye on your party's healthbar is good and all but try and look at the whole surroundings. Always try and take into account of what will happen.

    Tank pulls a mob, well then you'll know your tank will be going to take some damage, and you could heal ahead while keeping an eye on the additional mobs. I feel as a healer you can be the one who let's the party know about incomming patrols or troubles, because we have actually the best vision of the party, especially compared to mellee dps who only see feet or legs.

    Also keep a good look on your compass as it will also reveal when pats are incomming and what mobs are close.

    13. Damage prediction

    Spamming heals is good and all but will get you oom rather fast. Predicting when to heal is something that will differentiate you from a mediocre healer. It takes some training to see when damage spikes will come but I can give you some pointers on how to start:

    • Tanks will always take most damage at the beginning of the fight. This is actually very logic, because when fighting 3 mobs the damage will be larger then fighting 2. That's why i never save my 'oopsie' heals for when the fight comes to an end but use my bigger heals at the start of the fight.

    • Many ranged and even mellee enemies have cast bars. Seeing those can predict when damage is going to be huge, so you can start healing before the spell actually lands

    • Knowing when a mental or physical condition is going to land is imo very handy to know. Yes you're cures are basically instant but your brain will always be lagging and when you know a sorcerer is casting a silence you will hit the button much faster when it does actually land.

    • Healing wave (our amasing aoe heal) has a very long cast so predicting aoe spells can really save your parties skin. A lot of mobs even have an aoe silence or a fear that can cause other mobs to add. Predicting aoe damage is just the same as predicting any other damage, but the main difference is that you will need some knowledge on the mob you are fighting. If you don't know what spells do aoe, then you might as well be predicting a normal damage spell and you will only heal your tank. I'll try and add more info on that later, because I've seen a lot of mobs using the same names of spells for aoe and silences.

    • A mob that was CC'ed will get aggro. If it's has been sleeped it will get more emnity towards you while you are healing. It's important to take this in account. I always check cc'ed targets and when the CC runs of I try and use Tranquility if the tank hasn't picked it up yet. If the tank doesn't pick it up you'll know it'll come for you and you will be able to take steps before they land their first hit.

    Eventually you will learn different types of mob and whet kind of damage they do.

    14. What heals do I use now?

    A last thing that I would love to point out is that with all the Cooldowns sometimes it's hard to see what heals are best to use at certain situations. When I see my tank taking huge damage spikes I try to top him off with a light of recovery or Healing light before using my radiant cure just to be on the safe side.

    TBH I hardly use light of recovery, only when it is really really needed. It may be a fast heal and the Cooldwon may be short but it costs almost twice the MP of healing light so if I don't need to use it,I'll stay with the latter one.

    Also be careful when using Radiant Cure. The 6 second Cooldown is really long in certain situations and can get you into trouble.

    A complete rundown of all the spells and how they are usefull:

    Healing Light : Restores the HP of a target within 23m of you by 93 (first rank that is).

    This is really the basic heal and has a 2 seconds cast. You 'll be using this a lot when damage steadily comes in or when your Radiant Cure is on Cooldown. It's also useful when you don't have time to cast a radiant cure. It's very cheap in mana cost but you don't get muchhealing out of it. Comparing to other heals this one gives less heals per second.

    Radiant Cure Restores the HP of a target within 23m of you by 925. (rank I).

    This has a 3 seconds cast so it's very slow, but the heal is huge! If your tank can endure 3 seconds of damage then this is the spell you should use. Being that this is a huge heal, most light armored classes (considering they have low HP) will be overhealed by this spell.

    Light of rejuvination Restores the HP of a target within 23m by 14 every 2 sec for 30 sec. (rank I)

    Even though it's not as good as the Chanter one, this hot is still worth using. It costs absolutely little mana and I feel that it should always be up on the tank or whoever is taking damage. It also works great with DoTs but I'd rather dispell those.

    Light of recovery Restores the HP of a target within 23m of you by 711. (Rank I)

    Having only 1 second cas time, this spell is really nice to use, but the downside is that it has a 2 seconds cooldown. It has everything you would want to ask for in a single small heal but you can't cast it all the time. I try to mix it with healing light in between Radiant cure.

    Healing wind Restores the HP of you and your group members within a 20m radius by 759. (Rank I)

    If your tank is good enough to sustain a bit more damage and you've just had an aoe spell on your party, then this is the best spell to use. It is however very expensive to use so if only few people need healing I'd rather single target heal.

    Flash of recovery Heals a target within 23m of you by 1194. (Rank I)

    Yes this stigma spell deserves to be mentioned twice in this guide because it's so insanely good. I use this button when the life of a tank is in danger and use one of my short heals after. Be careful though, it has a 30 seconds cooldown.


    Healing in Aion needs a lot of attention as you really need to pick the right spell at the right moment or you will get in trouble with your cooldowns.

    15. Who do I heal first, nyerking AOE

    Let's just say you are in a situational moment where everyone is taking damage. One of the mobs just landed an aoe on your party and you tank is down to 50% while your damage dealers are at 75%. Now you can cast your aoe spell but one of the mobs decides that he likes your sorcerer a lot. Casting tranquility will help in these situations but you have to heal first. Will you heal the strong tank with 50% HP left or will you heal a squishy sorcerer. In this case you would want to heal the damage dealer because they will take more damage than the tank. Being that tanks are built to "tank" damage, their health, although it seems like less, will last longer than the other classes.

    You always have to take in account who is taking damage. Plate wearers will be less squishy then cloth wearers, but sorcerers also have CC that can help them out. As I said this all comes down to awareness in these kind of crucial situations.

    16. Grouping with Randoms

    I've grouped more with people that I know then anything else, but sometimes the occassion arises to group up with random people. Sometimes things can go wrong, sometimes things go smooth but there are some things that I feel should not be let out in a guide for grouping.

    • Rest enough: : You might have 600 Ordella powder but with randoms you never know how these people will react and behave. I'd rather have a lot mana then get into trouble later.

    • Be respectful as logical as it seems, some people will act differently while in a group with people they don't know. If you're nice to people, people will be nice back. It's a general rule that doesn't always apply, because there are always rotten apples in this game that don't behave in a respectful way. Clear the lootrules before you begin, ask if people need certain items for which you may pass.

    • Communication So important. You ahve no idea where the quest mobs are, or the people in your group have to kill different mobs in the same area? Talking will help, just following a group will get you nowhere, ither then get some XP and maybe some nice items, but eventually you'll miss doing your quest.

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    PostSubject: Re: Cleric Group Guide :P   Sat Dec 26, 2009 9:47 pm

    btw, i did not make this guide Razz
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    Cleric Group Guide :P
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